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At Shop Collaboré, we’re more than just clothes….we’re a community of dreamers, leaders, designers, and romantics. Our mission is to provide an interactive fashion platform that manifests empowerment and confidence, while cleaning up the mess the fast-fashion world creates.  We are joining hands in the sustainable fashion movement and aim to engage and re-shape the industry we love.

It’s time to slow down and take stock - literally. 

By collaborating with brands, factories, influencers and creatives, we source fashion liability around the world and repurpose it. Whether that means locating inventory that’s sitting on shelves in a warehouse or designing new styles with deadstock fabrics, Shop Collaboré feels a social responsibility to find answers to the question “what do we do with what’s already out there?”

That’s where you come in!

When you Shop Collaboré, you are promised a virtual boutique experience that elevates your wardrobe and inspires your unique voice in fashion. Our team is constantly searching to find the best on-trend and wallet-friendly products so you can buy with feel-good vibes, boost your self-esteem, and celebrate this beautiful planet.  After all, looking good should also mean doing good.  




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